Transportation Management

FULFILLMENT is a critical process for any organization…It’s about coordinating and managing the flow of goods and services through the supply chain to ensure delivery to the manufacturing line or to the customer.- Simply stated…it’s the lifeline of your business!

Fulfillment EXCELLENCE is imperative for growth and profitability- it means delivering what customers want, how & when they need it…It’s the scorecard by which you measure your ability to meet demand.

That PROCESS begins at the beginning…where the Purchase Order is created…at point of sale.
You cannot allow your PO to manage you…you want to manage your PO. This is the difference between a pro-active process and a re-active process.

Our improved pro-active process is synchronized with our robust Transportation Management Systems (TMS) to properly manage process compliance. The common thread throughout the process remains your PO. The relationship between your PO and its carrier pro-numbers is managed by our state of the art technology.

We take full contractual responsibility for delivering:

Improved process model
Technology required
The assets required
Process Management

This process improvement has been branded VendorView™. Ask us if we can improve your process at [email protected]